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Wood and Time Smokehouse, In Texas

Get ahold of some meat, start the fire and watch the magic pan out. Barbeque is sheer happiness, and when in Texas, what's more desirable than amazingly prepared smoked meat? My love for this fiery and smoky meal knows no bounds. I can identify the type of meat just by smelling it, not kidding! Barbeque is known in Texas for its traditional dry rub and slow smoking style, creating a 'bark' encapsulating the meat. People can often find Bbq joints in Texas packed like sardines, with wait times exceeding more than 2, 3, or even 4 hours.

Last Friday, we were at my parent's farmhouse near Farmersville. For lunch, my dad talked us into going to this smokehouse by the name of Wood and Time Smokehouse BBQ, which he'd raved about. Besides, it was incredibly close by. The minute we entered we noticed it was decorated like an old-school barbeque shop from the 1950s; old-school cast iron smokers, antique dinettes, and a cordial ambiance set our stomachs hungry.

My mom ordered a smoked turkey sandwich and dad had a brisket sandwich. They are connoisseurs of quality smoked meat and can be hard to please but they loved their food. Also, the portions were so large that there was food to take home. Now I, being the all-time fanatic of bbq in Texas, was set for the hefty three meat plate. Mine included the classic brisket, pork ribs, and the celebrated East Texas Hot Links. The brisket was smoked perfectly; just the right temperature, which made it exceptionally tender. The fat cap provided the right amount of moisture. I would give it a solid 8 out of 10. The pork ribs were done right, making them very tender and moist. An ideal 7 out of 10.

Towards the end, we had the East Texas Hot Links, which are typically not found in DFW. They blew our minds; the tiny little morsels were packed with flavour and were a real treat. We would recommend these hotlinks any day, a straight 10 out of 10. So good that I went and thanked the chef.

I wouldn’t put them amongst the likes of Pecan Lodge, Franklins, and Snows, but it was well worth the trip. What a stunning glimpse of an old-timey smokehouse that had been thoroughly refurbished. Meat smoked to perfection, with a mellow ambiance and a great, wholesome experience. If you are in Farmersville someday and have a yearning for an authentic Texas BBQ in a classic atmosphere, this place will undoubtedly hit the spot.

Address: 101 Candy St Apt A, Farmersville, TX 75442

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