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Paul's Bar Houston - Perfect for a Jimmy Buffett Pre-Game

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

When you travel to Houston to meet up with good friends for a Jimmy Buffett concert, one thing is a must... You must have drinks in a boat the night before the concert.

Paul's Bar in Houston, TX
Paul's Bar - Houston

If drinks on a dry-docked boat are your vibe, I can't recommend Paul's Seafood and Oyster Boat enough. Great food, friendly staff, and one hell of a great environment.

We were first greeted by Tarra, who immediately sold us on the Tarra-Rita, a highly booze-friendly frozen blue concoction that will set your night off to a good start. It elevates your spirits to the height reserved only for those of gods of men. Yes, it was that good. That was followed up by an appetizer of hushpuppies and chips and queso. Both were excellent recommendations.

After a recovery from the Tarra-Rita, and a few other brews, we moved on to the entrees. My friend Clay had a fried chicken sandwich with three sides of ranch (yes, he is that ridiculous). The chicken was ideally fried, hand-breaded, and not some frozen bullshit (his words, not mine). It was not too heavy, just like something grandma would cook for a Sunday supper.

The Burger at Paul's Bar Houston
The Burger

I had the Jalapeno Cheddar burger, which was also excellent. Half a pound of fresh, non-frozen beef, smothered with cheese and jalapenos. It was something I would order again. The fries were light and crispy and made for a fantastic pre-concert dinner.

Paul's bar was a great experience. Amazing, caring staff, willing to chat and help you out with any need. The atmosphere is a perfectly nautical-themed bar, with all the dive bar fixings one could want. All-in-all a great experience and one I hope you come experience for yourself.

PS. If you see a muddy ditch to the left side of the bar... you can't jump over it... you will fail. If you attempt this feat and fail (as Clay did), there is a garden hose out back to help you clean up the mess. We know this from experience. If you make it to the other side of that ditch mud free, we will meet you there at Paul's. Cheers.

Paul's Restaurant and Bar

1704 Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77077

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