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XOXO - An Instant Dallas Hotspot

If you are on any sort of social media in Dallas, you have most likely seen the now-iconic pink entryway, adorned with 'Xs' and 'Os' that leads you into one of Dallas's newest hot spots. 'XOXO'. The doorway (and the whole exterior) is something in itself and definitely catches your eye immediately. As soon as you walk in though, you realize that this place is more than just a fancy doorway for the hip, dressed-up Dallas crowds to take selfies in front of. It is a carefully thought out and laid out restaurant that is pleasing to all the senses.

The DallasWeekender dines at XOXO
The XOXO Doorway

Upon walking in, you are instantly drawn to the hostess stand, with gorgeous, brightly lit trees towering behind them, separating the two sections of the restaurant.

The Lounge at XOXO Dallas

To the left, there is a minimalist lounge section with a checkerboard of Xs and Os alongside a stunning bar.

To the right, the main dining hall, which is totally decked out with over-the-top chandeliers, hanging plants, lights mirrors, and sexy-cute murals on the wall. You eat with your eyes first, and just by seeing the atmosphere, we know we were in for a culinary treat.

The  Bar at XOXO Dallas

We were seated in the bar area, at one of the high-tops that ran between the bar top and a row of booths. The menu featured contemporary American fare with a few globally inspired influences, such as 'Chicken Samosas' and 'Tuna Tacos'. We worked our way through the menu and finally made our decisions.

Michal had the pasta dish, the 'Pasta Pomodoro' with no added protein and it was light and fresh. Would get it again. Loved the rosé the waiter recommended as well. Truffle fries were incredible and the dipping sauce was addictive.

Impossible meatballs Michal really liked. Brian was thinking if you’re expecting ‘meat’ it’s not quite that same texture, but, if you know they are not meat, they are excellent. For Michal, they were perfect. Cheese, sauce, and greens really mixed well. Brian loved the onion rings. The fresh tomatoes included were a nice touch. For his main, Brian had the Australian Lamb Chops with hericot vert. The lamb was cooked perfectly, and most likely one of the best bites of Lamb Dallas has to offer. Truly wonderful.

Without question, we would recommend putting XOXO on your list. Its chic atmosphere paired with wonderful food is an experience you would not soon forget.

P.S. Want to be a bigshot at XOXO? See if you can get yourself a spot in their exclusive, members-only Mr. X cocktail lounge. We recommend it.

XOXO Dallas can be found at:

3121 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX 75204


Blake Baldwin

VIP Services Manager



Please follow them on social media below:

Facebook: @xoxodiningroom

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Instagram: @mrxdallas

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