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Roti Grill - Michal's New Favorite

Boy, do I love Indian food. Love, love, love it and when you want it, you want it, and it is never close enough. Unless that is, you live within delivery distance of Roti grill. Roti grill is quite possibly the restaurant Michal has requested second-most, of any restaurant we have delivered. The first most frequent is without question, the neighborhood staple E- Bar, which you can refresh your memory here if you need to.

The reason why Roti grill coming in second is such an incredible feat is that we have only been ordering it for about two months. Two months to catch up with a year of COVID ordering out. It even surpassed the unbelievable Garlic Knots of Cutie Pies Pizza, which we still wholeheartedly recommend.

I almost always go for the Lamb Vindaloo, which, from the Goa region of India, is a bastardized pronunciation of the Portuguese 'vinha d'alhos' which translates to 'wine and garlic.’ That's right, if you like meat soaked in a red wine garlic sauce that has been cooked down for hours and hours, this dish is definitely for you.

Michal always goes for the Chicken Tikka Masala. I've had it too and can say it is as buttery as what I have had in India or as any pub staple in London. It is spot on.

They also offer a selection of meats cooked in their in-house Tandoors. Those are the big clay ovens that resemble a hole in the ground where the big ole chunks of meat get placed in until they are tender AF. Though I oversimplified the definition of a tandoori oven here, we like our smoked meats in Texas and this is simply the same concept from a different corner of the world. A corner that has a deft hand at spices and flavors matched by few others.

To close it all out, every time we order Roti Grill, we also get an order of samosas and a couple of orders of garlic naan, which is the perfect accompaniment to our almost weekly Indian feast.

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