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E-Bar - Our Neighborhood Must

Updated: May 9, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to take the time to review some of best restaurants in our neighborhood that are opting to remain open by serving amazing food to-go and via delivery. Our hope is that, like us, at least one day a week you can help support one of these much deserving restaurants. If any restaurants have to close to their doors due to the mandatory closures, everybody loses; the employees, the owners, the patrons and the neighborhoods in which they serve.

Almost 6 years ago I moved into Old East Dallas and after an exhausting day of moving in, I decided to walk over to my new neighborhood Tex-Mex bar and grill. Boy, did I stumble into one of the best kept secrets of Dallas. This place is freaking amazing. The first 6 months I lived here, I must have eaten there at least 3 times a week. Arguably, the best Tex-Mex in Dallas, E-Bar serves up some of the most killer dishes around… In fact, it is the definition of Tex-Mex and easily hold it's own against the Tex-Mex legends of San Antonio.

Over the last 6 years I have seen E-Bar grow from one part the building it is in, to expanding in the section next door to finally taking over the whole building. And, with the neighborhood still growing and E-Bar's legendary status not diminishing, they are still always full. Every family member that comes to town and stays with us, we always without question take them to E-Bar.

I guess we should actually mention the food at some point, right? Well, honestly, you cannot go

wrong. If you have never been, do the Jorge Tacos: 'one of each' and you will not regret it. On keto? Do the steak fajitas (hold the tortillas of course). Hungry for brunch? Migas. Salads? They've got those too. Not feeling Tex-Mexy? Burger (it really is good). Their margaritas will rock your socks off. I am telling you, this place has it all and worth the trip to ole' east Dallas to get it.

So please, during these very weird times of self isolation and quarantine, get you some tacos, fajitas, chips and salsa, margaritas and a friend (facetime is acceptable) and cheers to some of the glorious Tex-Mex Dallas has to offer. You won't regret it. Oh.... and say hi to Cliff, Dennis, or Miah while you are there... you won't regret it. Until next time. #dallaswkndr.

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