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Toller Patio - New Neighborhood Go-To

There is nothing better than sitting outside, watching a game, and sipping a perfect margarita out of a plastic flamingo, right? If you have never had the experience, we recommend it. Relatively new to town Toller Patio is a welcomed addition to the Old East Dallas neighborhood. With solid food, hard-working staff, and contact-free payment options, Toller Patio delivers on all fronts.

At the corner of Ross and Washington, alongside a few leftover DISD buildings and behind a very odd-looking grey shotgun shack, you will find a surprising large oasis; a patio bar with plenty of TVs, trees with funky lighting, and an abundance of picnic tables. It really is the perfect place to watch the game while socially distancing and catch up with friends. Bring your pups too! The outside space is very welcoming to patio goers with and without their furry friends.

Toller Patio is the perfect place to dump those snowmageddon, cold-weather blues, and finally welcome springtime and some sunshine back into your life! Also, worried about the rain? Lack of covered spaces? Well, any time it rains, they put up a full tent and offer half-priced flamingo-sized drinks! With drinks that good, you won't even remember what the weather is doing.

As for the food, we have had it a few times now and can say we really enjoy it. The wings are my neighborhood go-to; not only are they larger than your average wing and have tasty flavors. I like mango barbecue and crazy hot. We also recommend the pimento cheese and hummus.

The beer selection is solid, with Bells Two Hearted IPA catching my eye immediately. They also offer boozy pops and a slew of amazing-sounding cocktails. Michal has enjoyed both the frozé and a frozen margarita on occasion.

If you want to enjoy an excellent environment, great food, solid drink while watching your team in this amazing Dallas, Texas fall weather, check out Toller Patio.

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