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Terry Black's - Famous Name, New Neighborhood

Updated: May 9, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to take the time to review some of best restaurants in our neighborhood that are opting to remain open by serving amazing food to-go and via delivery. Our hope is that, like us, at least one day a week you can help support one of these much deserving restaurants. If any restaurants have to close to their doors due to the mandatory closures, everybody loses; the employees, the owners, the patrons and the neighborhoods in which they serve.

When you think barbeque in Deep Ellum, without even saying it, we all know the name that comes to mind. And yes, they are fantastic and without a doubt, they earn every accolade they receive. They might have some competition now that the neighborhood has a new player in town: Terry Black's BBQ.

Tucked away on the far East side of Main street, in a sweet new building and an epic patio and bar is Terry Black's. They are slicing and chopping up some solid barbeque; solid enough to turn a few heads down the block! Having been 4 times since it opened a couple of months ago, I have been more than pleased by everything I have tried. I have actually craved it, bragged about it and brought my friends too!

Their brisket is the definition of Texas Barbeque. Nothing fancy and all about the bark. The ribs have a good pull and the sausage is excellent. As for the sides, I can only speak to the beans, which can stand alone by themselves any where.

Though I have never eaten inside Terry Black's, (I've always walked down the road to West Lake Brewery and chowed down there-awesome beer for another post).

I have had the privilege to have a few beers at Terry Black's bar. The bartender was incredibly nice and pleasant to chat to for a while. While ordering your meal the staff chopping the meats have always just been super friendly and seemed to truly enjoy what they were doing and made the experience really great.

I know you are sitting at home getting tired of cooking the same meals day after day. Why not get some Texas goodness brought straight to your door and chow down on some of the best meat this town has to offer. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. #dallaswkndr.

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