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Snooze AM Eatery - Oaklawn

It’s the first day of the year, and also happens to fall on Friday so we slept in and wondered what is the best thing to get what's left of the day off to a great start? Brunch. As New Year resolutions, corresponding diets, workouts and health kicks don't officially start till the 1st Monday of the new year, we decided to go all out. Today, we decided to order from somewhere that has been on our short list for some time; Snooze an A.M. Eatery. Even from the days of Pre-COVID we attempted to venture into Snooze multiple times. Each time we were greeted with crowds of people and hour long waits! With crowds this dedicated, the food must be good.

When ordering delivery from Snooze, it's important to know that they do not use Uber Eats, Postmates, or any other delivery app. They use their own website and team to process and deliver orders. The website was easy to use and provided the same experience as any other app.

Michal ordered the Blueberry Danish Pancakes. She loved them. The pancakes were perfectly fluffy, well sized, served up with fresh blueberries and an awesome lemon cream cheese filling. Michal's only complaint was that it didn't come with any extra syrup, but thankfully, we had some of our own (she loves more syrup than the average Joe so this probably isn't an issue for most). Highly recommend these pancakes.

I ordered the Habanero Pork Belly Benedict. If you like the magical pairing of sweet and heat, this dish is for you. The Pork Belly was crispy, the bacon espresso jam was to die for, and the cranberry relish offered the sweetness that the heavy dish needed.

My meal was great as it but what took it to the very top, was Snooze's house made hot sauce. This dish provided the perfect morning bite. It was so good, it will be hard to order something different next time.

We had all this with a side of mimosas and coffee. Though we provided the mimosas on our own, Snooze does offer a good batch of morning cocktails to help start your day off right!

If you are in the Uptown/Oaklawn area, you have to give Snooze an A.M. Eatery a try. With their extensive menu full of traditional and modern takes of your favorite brunch or breakfast foods, you can't go wrong.

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