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Red River Pizzeria

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Post 3 of 6: Red River Pizzeria

After getting an amazing tour of the hotel and saying good evening to Bob and Kristal, we headed next door to the Red River Pizzeria to get some dinner. Thinking they were about to close, we rushed in, sat down at the bar and started ordering. They welcomed us out-of-towers with open arms.

We started talking to Tony, who owns and runs this fine establishment with his wife Teresa. He quickly asked our itinerary for the weekend and helped line up our next day. He also recommended some dang good beer (just wait till post 4 for more on that). He told us his story, how he found Nocona and how he began to call it home. It was refreshing knowing the third person we met in this town was just as enthusiastic about this town as the first two.

The food was superb. Michal had a Cranberry/Walnut salad with grilled chicken and I had wings and jalapeño poppers. Both were excellent. It was so great in fact that we ended up back at Red River Pizzeria the next day for lunch to watch the OU game. It was the perfect place!

Upon returning to the pizzeria the next day we were lucky enough to meet Tony's wife Teresa. She was equally friendly and offered another great experience. Is everybody in this town this friendly? Apparently so.

Teresa was also patient enough to put up with me setting up my computer at the bar and using their establishment as an office for a few hours while Michal watched the OU game and kept on serving us amazing food, Topo Chicos, Diet Dr Peppers and beer. It's also important to mention that every member of their staff that we met was incredibly well trained, polite and knowledgeable. This wasn't some place that just had some person slapping some food down in front of you, then tried to get you out of there. Everybody at this establishment was invested in ensuring you had a great experience. We spent most of our time chatting with Tony and Teresa and even though there were others eating there too, they made it feel like we were the only ones there.

Oh, btw, though we didn't have any of their pizza but it looked freaking amazing. Michal and I have already discussed a return for a pizza in the future. Take our word for it, this place could stand alone as a phenomenal restaurant right here in Dallas. Get out of your comfort zone, go to Nocona, and get some awesome Pizza.

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