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Quarantine Walk Through Ft. Worth

We are not Philadelphia… but we do have quite a bit of Brotherly Love! That's why every couple of months we like to pay homage to our brotherly city and trek to the west and visit the City of Ft. Worth. Ft. Worth has just as much going on as Dallas (almost) with its very own unique flare. During quarantine, Michal and I got the urge to drive over to Ft. Worth and wander around the various neighborhoods the city had to offer.

We had no expectations of anything being open, but had a great time exploring.

** Disclaimer** we did not visit Sundance Square on this trip… but we did on our way out to the Rattlesnake round up… which you can read about here.

The Dallas Weekender Visits The Stock Yards

We started out this day’s journey in the most historic region of the city: The Ft. Worth Stockyards. Most places were closed but it was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the sights! Of the few places that were opened, we got to walk into The General Store and Maverick Fine Western Wear. I was open to having a few drinks at The Love Shack and Michal was dying to try out the legendary Joe. T. Garcia's but we had no such luck. The Shack was closed and with such limited seating at Joe T.'s we weren’t going to wait 2.5 hours. So we ended up down the road at Los Vaqueros, which we documented here.

After lunch, we headed down south to Magnolia Ave.

The Dallas Weekender visits Magnolia Ave. in Ft. Worth, Texas

Sadly, we didn’t get to visit any of the places here, but we had a lovely walk and documented the places we can’t wait to come back to. Both of us loved the vibe and the menu from Maggies' RnR. With a spectacular patio and great looking food, this place is at the top of our Ft.Worth list to visit.

I was intrigued by a place called Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill, which looked like a fun, burger joint that probably gets slammed during college football Saturdays.

We were both saddened by being so close to Heim Barbecue and not getting to have any of the glorious cuts of meats they offer. Excitingly though Heim has opened a Dallas location about a mile away from home! That review will follow shortly.

Anyways, after that we headed up to Crockett Row, where you will find a plethora of incredibly fun, modern eateries and shops. We walked past Fred's Texas Café, which arguably is the most Texas place in Texas, with their bad ass burgers, live music, and hip patio (check it out)

Otherwise, we were intrigued by The Durty Crow and the countless other rambunctious looking establishments in the area…

So to sum it all up, what we are saying is, put your Dallas pride aside, book a hotel room in any of the neighborhoods we discussed today; go out and explore, and experience your neighbor city! Ft. Worth has nothing but good times, great people and a lot of fun to be had.

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