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Los Vaqueros - Don't Hang Your Hat Here.

There comes a time in every restaurant reviewer's life where they must write their first negative review. Well folks, this one is it for us. Though the atmosphere was awesome, the dining experience was not it's best. The only saving grace of this review is its not in Dallas. This lunch destination went down a little further west of here in our ever so popular sister city, Ft. Worth.

Though we had an amazing time cruising the stockyards and checking out some new happening spots on Magnolia street (reviews to come); lunch wasn't the highlight. Los Vaqueros, near the stockyards was lacking in flavor, service, and (worst of all) good margaritas.

Let's start with the margarita sin. Though they were served in awesome glasses with cactus stems, they were just overly sweet as if they were made with no real lime juice at all. Seemingly a pre-made margarita mix/simple sour combo. Disappointing for us.

I had the nachos. The cheese was oily and the brisket was not what Texas brisket should be, rubbery. To be within a stone's throw of Cooper's one of Texas's mainstays for holy hell, slap your mama, that's good, brisket, you would think they could hang.

Michal had the enchiladas and they were mediocre at best. To be fair, we were there at a very off hour, after Covid reopening and only 1 of 3 tables occupied in the very large restaurant. Maybe they had an off day. I hope they were having an off day. Being so close to Joe T. Garcias, Cooper's, The Starlight Café, Cattleman's, H3 Ranch and The Lonesome Dove, you better get your stuff together quick or well, you'll be sent out to pasture (we had to).

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