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Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge on National Margarita Day

Updated: May 9, 2020

More often than not we are hesitant to check out any new restaurant as soon as they open…much less on the grand opening. But, when some new owners take on the Primo's name and open up in the original location, you drop your shit and just get there. Let’s cut to the chase. Primo's did not disappoint. The atmosphere was rocking, chips and salsa were excellent, staff was attentive and the food beautifully prepared. We hope to be back very soon.

Oops. We forgot to mention the drinks… which were well crafted and for national margarita day, $2.00 bucks. I must admit, the 2 buck chucks were so great I neglected to try out any of the other cocktails so please forgive us for that.

Michal had the Taco Bowl with Mesquite chicken and I (Brian) had the short Rib Chile Relleno. Both will be ordered again, for sure. My dad had the burrito and my mom just had margaritas (we tried to stop her, but the damage had been done). The side of green sauce added tang to the relleno and the short ribs were moist. The salad was well dressed and very hearty. Honestly, no complaints. Nothing but rave reviews all around. Aside from being densely packed and very loud it really was a great experience. Don’t hesitate to come on down to uptown and partake. Hopefully, we see you there.

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