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Nocona Beer & Brewery

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Post 5 of 6: Nocona Beer & Brewery

After a long day of working, OU football, boot shopping and exploring the Chisholm trail (from Bob’s map) there is not much better than a cold beer from the local brewery. Nocona Beer & Brewery is more than just a brewery, it is the flagship destination of Nocona (for me at least). The brewery itself is nestled into the northwestern side of the original Nocona boot factory, which neighboring the brewery, a small boot shop pedaling the footwear still exists.

Upon walking into the brewery, you quickly realize that this isn't some warehouse bar made by guys who love making craft beer. Not that we are knocking that, but this is just different. It is beautifully designed, with gorgeous wood bar tops, old Chevy tailgates for booths, and paintings featuring the local brew throughout. Just seeing the bar, I knew we were in for a treat. The Brewery was open by a retired vascular surgeon from Ft. Worth who had always dreamed of owning a brewery. He spared no expense in making his dream brewery come to life.

The Brewery was simply a cool place to hang out. Though we didn't get to see them at full occupancy due to covid restrictions, it was evident that they truly offered something for everybody. From board games, pool tables, corn hole, TV's and a Jukebox, this was a place I definitely wouldn't hesitate to kill an afternoon in.

The staff was also super friendly. Renee was quick to give us the rundown of the brews and sold me on the first beer I tried-the Tangerine IPA. She didn't have to do much convincing as I am a sucker for citrus and hops! It was great, probably a little more citrusy than what I would typically drink, but hey, that's what variety is for. Next, I ventured on to the Bronc Buster IPA. That was fantastic and would most certainly be my go-to if I lived nearby. It was well balanced and easy to drink.

Though the brewery served food, we didn't eat there and later ventured on down the road for some solid Mexican food (post to follow). Either way, if you are in Nocona, the brewery is a must. Offering cool vibes, drinks, games and new friends, it fits in perfectly with every other place in the town.

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