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Le Bon Temps - Good Times in Deep Ellum

Growing up in I lived in New Orleans and would chaperon family member upon family member and visitor upon visitor into the French quarter. Wrapping them around Jackson Square, then funneling them into a line in an over crowded, sweaty corridor just to get these legendary French Donuts before having to fight your way to a table, glaring at the other tourists like vultures waiting for them to wipe the powdered sugar off their faces and leave. You almost lose sight of the true cultural and culinary glory you came for in the first place to enjoy. Classic beignets.

I cannot tell you how many times I went to that Decatur Street location, stuffed my face with those classic beignets, choked down a café au lait and sadly, did not appreciate the experience. Flash forward 12 years, living in Dallas, TX and almost daily reminiscing about the history, the food, and the culture I experienced growing up in New Orleans as a child. Though I have grown to love Dallas immensely, New Orleans will always be home. If only I could get some of those flavors here.

Then Le Bon Temps, a New Orleans style beignet bakery popped up in my home turf of Deep Ellum. When I found this out I had two thoughts: 1) Thank God. 2) They better be freakin' good.

The menu at Le Bon Temps had multiple beignet options, which took me by surprise because you don’t see that a lot. Today I had to go for the New Orleans classic. Crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside and densely covered with powdered sugar. They were excellent and I can't wait to take my parents there some day.

Honestly, what surprised me most was the coffee. I don't know if it was the roast they used, the amount of chicory they added to the grind or what but tasting that café au lait brought me straight back to the french quarter. That in itself is worth a visit. Thank you, Le Bon Temp, for reminding me of that wonderful childhood memory.

Until next time. #WKNDR

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