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Becoming Family at Ross & Hall

Updated: May 9, 2020

Sometimes a restaurant can become more than just a place to eat. It can become an extension of your own home and an extension of your family. Think of the tv show Cheers. That is how we feel when we walk through the doors at Ross and Hall. With plenty of taps, the beer flows easily and with Yalid slinging some amazing dishes in the back, the food is something to be proud of. The staff at Ross & Hall kills. Yes they get you drinks. Yes they take your orders and bring you food. Yes they put up with the shenanigans of that group of unruly SMU kids in the back. But, more than that, they become your friends.

Ross & Hall has become a weekly occurrence for us. We go there together, we go there separately; we just go there to be as we are, share some drinks, hang out with regulars and staff and socialize.

If you haven't been to Ross & Hall, come check it out! You may find that sometimes a place can be more than a place; it can be woven into your lives.

On that note-the wings are great. The silver

The Dallas Weekender has Dinner and Drinks at Ross & Hall in Dallas, TX
Regulars at Ross & Hall

bowl salad is one our favorite dinners to order and their poutine is a poutine. (That's serious) And, did we mention we were in Texas? Bison chili!! Honestly, you can't go wrong. It's bar food done very well served by some of my favorite people on the planet.

Come for the food. Have a few drinks. Make some lasting friends. And say hi to us while you are there...

Oh… and by the way… it’s also the place Michal and I met. You never know what will happen here. :-)

The Dallas Weekender has Dinner and Drinks at Ross & Hall in Dallas, TX
Ross and Hall, Dallas, TX

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1 Comment

All because I tried to eat your nachos! You didn't even know me but offered to share. Then I introduced you to my awesome sister :)

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