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All Else In Nocona

If you are just now joining us, check out the first post in this series here.

Post 6 of 6: Everywhere Else!

There are a couple of other places that are worth mentioning to round out the true Nocona experience.


Fenoglio Boots

Though Justin and Nocona boots left town long ago, there is still a high quality hand crafted boots store in town, Fenoglio's. Walking in their shop took us back in time to when cowboys roamed the plains and boots were a staple instead of a fashion statement. We were so impressed with these local boots, that Michal took her first pair home!

Mexican Food:

Tucked away south of downtown, there is an very small, partially hidden place called Mi Familia. After a couple of beers at the brewery, this small town eatery hit the spot perfectly. Michal had the taco salad and Brian had Pollo Monterey. If like us, you find yourself craving Mexican food after a long day of exploring Nocona, you can't go wrong with Mi Familia. They even sell their homemade, pickled peppers to take home, which we bought and they were very spicy which made me very happy.


Unfortunately we were only there for a weekend and didn't get to visit either of them, the town spoke so highly of these two that we best do the town right and mention them here.

  1. Horton Classic Car Museum - https://www.hortonclassiccarmuseum.com/

  2. Each person we talked to hailed this museum. Every car on the inside is in working order and perfect, near mint condition. Though we didn't go to the museum, we certainly noticed it when we walked by. Just looking through the windows we could tell how impressive this place was. It is an absolute must for any sort of car buff.

  3. Tails N' Trails Museum - https://www.talesntrails.org/index.html

  4. Showcasing the history of the Red River crossing of the Chisholm Trail, the Tails N' Trails museum features thousands of Native American artifacts and trading goods from European settlers. If folks are interested in history, especially that of the Chisholm Trail, this museum is for them.

We hope you enjoyed our 6 day feature on Nocona, TX almost as much as we enjoyed visiting there. It truly was a memorable experience and needless to say, if you read anything you like, take a quick drive up north and check it out for yourself! It really is worth the trip.

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