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Ace's Sports Hanger - My New Neighborhood Standby

Entering a new neighborhood in a new town can be intimidating and lonely. Luckily, if you are moving to Richardson, TX, I found just the place to welcome you into town. Ace's Sports Hanger delivered a fun atmosphere with good food and accommodating, friendly staff in an incredibly welcoming environment.

On my first night in town, I wandered down State Street, where a few hip restaurants stand, and made my way into the somewhat hidden Ace's. I was welcomed and, within moments, had made quite a few new friends. It instantly became my new living room, and I felt right at home. The staff welcomed me to the neighborhood and informed me of a few other establishments worth checking out (more blogs to come soon). More importantly, they offered me a shot and welcomed me in as one of their own. I took it with a smile before having a few more drinks with my newfound friends.

Ace's Sports Hanger Chicken Wings - Richardson, Texas
Ace's Wings

As for the food, it's solid bar fare, with the wings and trashcan nachos being the most worth mentioning. You can't go wrong with either. They also have a great craft beer selection and are happy to offer up any recommendations.

The atmosphere is also welcoming. It's well-lit in an open-air, 'garage' style environment, like a big 'hanger,' which is also a part of their namesake. They offer trivia on Wednesdays and a pretty badass DJ on Tuesdays. Though I still disapprove of the DJ putting the mike to my face during 'Friends in Low Places' while I shamelessly eat a sandwich, I'll forgive him. It was a definite good time.

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself near Cityline in Richardson, stop by, get welcomed, and give Ace's Sports Hanger a try. You'll most likely see me there!

Anyways, if you find your self in Richardson (or want to take the Dart rail up to City Line Station), give Ace's a try. Who knows, you may just see me their and become their next newest regular.

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