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217 Coffee

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Post 4 of 6: 217 Coffee

Let's just say when a guy wearing a fedora, aviator glasses and a silk scarf around his neck walks into an almost empty coffee house in Nocona, TX, you get some looks. Though I am used to the looks, I was more than surprised when the coffee house owner instantly welcomed me into her shop, asked me about my morning and served up one hell of an espresso. That was exactly what I got when I met Mandy at the 217 Coffee house. Great smile, service and even better coffee.

The Dallas Weekender visits 217 Coffee in Nocona, TX
217 Coffee in Nocona, TX

If you find yourself in Nocona, TX and need a place to fire up your laptop and get some work done, 217 Coffee fits the bill perfectly. It is an incredibly comfortable, inviting environment that feels like you’re sipping coffee in a chic farmhouse. They also had some incredibly good looking baked goods and we hear that they are all made from scratch.

Apparently, 217 Coffee is the hip place to be in Nocona on a Saturday morning. Though it was empty when I walked in, people were soon filing in the door to get their morning cup of joe, filling the tables the couches by the entrance. One person, who wandered in for coffee that mornings was actually Tony from down the road at Red River Pizzeria (read about it here). He acted like we were old buddies, greeted me and asked our plans for the day. What a friendly town!

Though, I had my head down most of the time buried in my laptop, the short amount of time spent chatting with Mandy and her staff definitely made an impression on me. If you venture up to Nocona, pay 217 a visit and I am confident you will get the same welcoming hospitality that was offered to me.

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