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Terrell Texas - Relax, Unwind, and Ignore The Scorpions

After all the hustling and bustling about, sometimes you want to find a weekend where you can just relax, kick back and disconnect. Someplace not too far away but far enough from the big city where you feel like you couldn’t just pop home at any second. Well, that's what we found in a tiny home just outside of Terrell, Texas. This quaint house has a massive porch that might as well have been the house’s living room. It should have been, well, because it was bigger. **** Check out where we stayed HERE ****

The living room had a couple of chairs that made a nice seating area, was neatly decorated, and an adjoining kitchen barely big enough to cook a solid meal. It wasn’t an issue though because we brought plenty of food. The bedroom was up a tiny ladder and could only fit one bed, an AC unit and a TV. This place was a perfect little get away for the weekend.

The property itself was on a sizable chunk of land (many acres in fact). Set back about a half mile off the road, tucked behind some trees, and along side a tiny fishing pond. The pond was stocked with large mouth bass and I was able to capture a few monsters roughly 5 inches long. Along side the pond and tiny home was a massive pasture with a significant oak tree in the middle, perfect for sipping cold beers in the shade and reading the most tasteless of self-help books, 'Unf*ck yourself.’

For dinner the first night we utilized the tiny kitchen and learned quickly that with any use of the stove or oven, the bottom floor of this tiny tiny home heats up quickly (AC was only in the bedroom). Great knowledge for any future endeavors we may have-check for AC. After dinner we had a few drinks and lounged on the patio before retiring to the bedroom where we watched Underworld; you know, nothing like an action packed thriller in the middle of the woods before bed time. Perfect…

The Dallas Weekender goes fishing in Terrell, TX
Fishing in Terrell, TX

Awaking early the next morning I fished, then cooked up a boy scout classic (Eagle Scout here); Mountain Man Breakfast in a Dutch oven. No, sadly no chimney and coals were used and the tiny oven worked actually worked perfectly. After lunch we did what we had been planning on doing. Absolutely nothing.

Michal took a nap in the afternoon and I read under the oak tree. At some point I tried to walk the property but ended up getting into rough terrain that was too much for my poor flip flops to handle. Relaxing some more by the pond, I fished some more without a care in the world, until the craving for beer and wings hit. At which time I greedily fired up the grill.

The tiny home came with quite the smoker; cast iron and well seasoned. It was a shame to use such a cooker for just chicken wings but, what the heck. I smoked about 30 of those bad boys in two different marinades and grilled a vegetable pack along side. It was a solid dinner that paired well with a bottle of cheap Rose and a Michelob Ultra.

Did I mention that this red neck oasis of a tiny home came with its own above ground swimming pool? Well, I must have forgotten. After dinner when it cooled down a bit, we both went for a midnight swim before we decided to bathe and shower for the night…

The bathroom was a bump out (it jutted out of the side of the house) into an un-insulated wooden section where you could see light coming through the cracks in the boards if it was daytime. It was well lit inside and the water was hot. Michal went to take a bath then I heard her scream; this outside oasis wasn’t fine, it was actually infested! Not with spiders, roaches or mice, but with scorpions. Scorpions! I have never seen Michal move so fast.

After an obligatory recovery period of half an hour; we laughed it off and went back to watching cheesy vampires movies.

In the morning we ate a quick breakfast, loaded up the truck and headed home. We had to stop at Buc-ee’s on the way back of course. I’m sure we spent at least $100 on farmhouse chic decor and sugar free chocolate covered almonds…an odd mix, we know.

Next time you're looking for a cool way to detox from city life and decompress, check out the tiny home in Terrell, you won't regret it…as long as you bring scorpion repellent. #WKNDR

P.S. This trip left a sour taste in our mouths for a while; not just because of the scorpions but also because of the flat tire on HWY 80 heading home. We knocked it out pretty quickly but it was nerve racking due to the high traffic whizzing by. Was an interesting weekend.

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