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San Antonio, TX (Post 1 of 2)

There are more than a million ways to enjoy this iconic Texas city. Here, we are going to tell you about our first trip there to celebrate our birthdays. We ventured to some of the touristy, some of the unique, and of course, some of the unforgettable.

For some of the unique, we first must mention Hotel Havana. This one-of-a-kind building from 1914 with elegant interior and an open air cocktail bar, Ocho, along the far east side of the river walk. The rooms offer original wooden floors and furniture with modern flair. We would definitely stay here again.

If you are pulling in late as we were, a short walk from the hotel across Travis Park (which is wonderfully decorated around Christmas time) is the modern Mexican restaurant Acenar.

We decided to split a couple of appetizers and margaritas for a small meal as we'd snacked some on the road trip down. We recommend the Alambres, which are mini beef skewers, served with a chimichuri sauce and the queso flameado. Meat was tender and sauces flavorful. The food was great, the people were nice and the atmosphere was really fun-looked like a great date night location.

The next morning I explored The Pearl while Michal slept in. After having an espresso and getting some blogging done at the hip coffee joint aptly named Local Coffee, I went to Bakery Lorraine to pick up some sweet treats for later that evening, after all we were celebrating our birthdays. They were enjoyed much later that day after quite a bit of city exploration.

Met back up with Michal and we ventured out of the hotel, across the street and to the not-so-touristy part of the gorgeous river walk. After slowly meandering along the river, we entered the more popular portions of the river walk and started to hit up the touristy shops and finally stopped for some more Mexican food at Café Ole. The food was great, the margaritas were excellent. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience, up until a bird pooped on my head. Eh, take the good with the bad!

We checked out a few more shops and then went to see The Alamo. The line was short so we basically walked right in. Really incredible to stand inside such a piece of Texas History and highly recommend stopping by. Soon after our trip to the Alamo, we found our way to another landmark (in my eyes):The Margaritaville on the river walk. As I’ve mentioned I’m quite the parrot head and I insisted we stop for a quick drink. Michal acquiesced.

After a couple of drinks we continued to stroll through the gift shops and even made a pass through the shops at La Villita Historic Village and toured San Fernando Cathedral. All are worth seeing. After that, we decided to head back to the hotel, change and rest up for the night to come. Stay tuned for our 2nd and final post regarding our weekend in San Antonio.

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Photos shot with Sony Alpha a6000 Camera and GoPro Hero 9 Camera

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