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In times like these we must all come together and support those around us who make our lives worth living. Some of the people who make life worth living are the service industry staff; they can make a normal night into a truly memorable one. 

To help keep our service industry alive and well, all profits generated from the sale of these shirts will be donated to The Undocumented Worker Fund. Their mission is to "get money into the hands of the most vulnerable group in the service industry."

Started by a member of the Dallas Service Industry community, the UWFD is keeping their dream alive by providing 'mini-grants' to vulnerable members of our community affected by the corona virus.

Every dollar of profit we make from these sales will be donated to the UWFD and every dollar given to the UWFD will make into the hands of somebody in need. And that is what community is all about.

The COVID-19 Support Shirt - BLACK