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State and Allen - Short Walk, Or Great Take Out

State and Allen, a neighborhood hot spot with amazing food, great drinks and a perfect patio for your weekend brunching.

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to take the time to review some of best restaurants in our neighborhood that are opting to remain open by serving amazing food to-go and via delivery. Our hope is that, like us, at least one day a week you can help support one of these much deserving restaurants. If any restaurants have to close to their doors due to the mandatory closures, everybody loses: the employees, the owners, the patrons and the neighborhoods in which they serve.

On Saturday night with no food plans, we found ourselves wanting an old stand-by, the 'original' Silver Bowl salad. This salad with chicken and fruits/veggies, is the perfect balance of sweetness, tang and savory bites. It really is one of our go to's and specifically one of Michal’s favorite salads. Paring that with a charcuterie board and a bottle of rosé or some beer and you really are in for a treat. The salad has chopped romaine, bacon bits, grapes, orange slices, red bell peppers, spicy chicken and two dressings- Balsamic

Vinaigrette and Caesar. It's the perfect dinner when you don't want to overload yourself on Pizza and burgers. However, if you are in the mood S&A has those too.

If you like meats and cheeses, get one of their charcuterie boards for an appetizer. They are simple, elegant, and delicious. All products are something you can pronounce and don’t taste anywhere near the funk of some legendary cheese blocks you can smell 2 isles away at Central Market (we’ve all been there). These are solid, easy on the palette, and a welcomed appetizer before our favorite salad in Dallas.

If you have never been to State and Allen, park your car a couple blocks away and enjoy a peaceful walk through this wonderful part of uptown and grab some brunch on a gorgeous patio (once things are more back to normal). Currently they of course still deliver. Enjoy and stay safe! #WKNDR

P.S. apparently we were so hungry we forgot to take our pictures. Happens sometimes.

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