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Skinny Fats - Healthy, or Not-so-healthy, neighborhood standby

Updated: May 9, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to take the time to review some of best restaurants in our neighborhood that are opting to remain open by serving amazing food to-go and via delivery. Our hope is that, like us, at least one day a week you can help support one of these much deserving restaurants. If any restaurants have to close to their doors due to the mandatory closures, everybody loses: the employees, the owners, the patrons and the neighborhoods in which they serve.

Ever have those evenings when you and your house mate, spouse, lover, etc. cannot seem to come to an agreement over what to eat? Somebody wants to go on a cheeseburger bender, while somebody wants to be healthy and eat a salad. We know the drill. So next time this battle begins, just skip the games and go straight to Skinny Fats. It's what we do.

As the name suggests, a portion of the menu is healthy, while another portion of the menu is, well, not. It really is a great blend of stuff you would eat with your mother after church on mother's day and items you would scarf down at the tailgate moments before kickoff.

In all honesty, either way you go, the food is solid. When Michal and I were both doing keto, the CauliFIRE was always our standby. Oh, and be careful, it packs a punch and is not for the faint of heart. Neither is the HotChix salad, which is one of both of our go-tos; this is Michal's favorite while Brian typically leans toward the Blue Balsamic. It is a shaved steak salad with blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and red onions, topped with a balsamic reduction dressing. It's freaking awesome. Anyway, back to the HotChix *wink wink*. With a powerful buffalo sauce, avocado and blue cheese (Michal subs pepper jack) it really is a great buffalo chicken salad that you will not soon forget.

Skinny Fats is a relative newbie to the West Village neighborhood and is a welcome addition to the options of places to grab some dinner in these strange times we are living in. Get it to-go now, and later, get your Skinny (or Fat) ass down to their establishment and grab a Frosé (also to die for) or some cold beers. #WKNDR.

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