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Picolé Pops - Bishop Arts

If you find yourself wondering around Deep Ellum or the Bishop Arts District and need something cool and refreshing, with a place to rest your feet, you should stop by the Brazilian Paleta inspired joint, Picolé Pops, for a one of a kind take on the classic popsicle.

First off, they offer all types of pops from fruity, to creamy, to some with alcohol. And once you make your choice you can top them any way you like. They offer everything from sprinkles (jimmies), nuts, cookies, hot chilies and lime, to a spicy tamarind syrup named Chamoy. We had a hard time making up our minds.

On this occasion, we found ourselves in the 95 degree heat, standing at the corner of Bishop Ave and Davis in the Bishop Arts District… right across from Lockhart’s and White Hall Exchange. Yeah, you know the place. We were looking for a nice, social distancing available patio to cool off for a bit when we spotted Picolé. We’d had had a super heavy lunch, so loading ourselves down with heavy ice cream didn’t sound too appealing. Either way, it was hot and we were tired, so we decided to give it a go. The space was very well designed to keep gathering to a minimum and allow for optimal social distancing. Currently they have eliminated eating indoors, leaving the patio the only option. The patio could hold only about 4 tables but still felt comfortable and not overly cramped. The staff (by that we mean one guy) was very cheerful and eager to answer our questions and made sure we got what we were wanted.

Michal ended up choosing the cookies and cream and added Oreo crumbles on top and I had the cucumber lime add Chamoy (the Tamarind chili syrup mentioned earlier). Both were excellent. The cucumber lime pop was light and refreshing; the Chamoy added a much needed tang and spice to the pop. I was pleased with my decision. As for the cookies and cream pop, it was eaten rather quickly. Per Michal, it was excellent and adding the extra Oreo cookie topping was an even better addition. Picolé was a great spot! My only regret was that I was driving and couldn't have the full on margarita popsicle. Next time we have a scorcher of a day in Dallas (probably next week), I will definitely be stopping by to give it a try! And you know what? You should too. Swing by, do something a little out of the norm, and get yourself a dang good gourmet popsicle.

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