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Georgie's and Foxtrot

If you find yourself with nothing to do on a gorgeous, sunny, Dallas afternoon, may we recommend something we recently did to celebrate our anniversary. Go to two local pre-made food hot spots, pick up some grub, find a spot in one of Dallas' beautiful parks and have an old fashioned picnic.

This particular weekend we stopped at two different locations to try out the food. 1. The Butcher Shoppe at Georgie by Curtis Stone and 2. Foxtrot in uptown. Both offer amazing items, pre-made and ready to eat items to make for your perfect picnic.

At The Butcher Shoppe at Georgie by Curtis Stone we picked up a cold orzo salad, pickles, hot sauce (dude, get you some), bacon quiche, 2 blocks of cheese, a loaf of French bread and a Greek yogurt parfait.

At Foxtrot we selected a roasted green chili humus, potatoes salad, pretzel thins and orange juice for mimosas (we already had the champagne).

After we had picked up our gluttonous picnic lunch (thankfully we hadn’t eaten breakfast), we made our way to Klyde Warren park with a blanket and a yeti cup half filled with champagne.

We snagged to one of the only shade spots left on the massive green belt between St. Paul and Olive street. We laid out our blanket and set up our spread of a meal before discreetly pouring some orange juice into the cup, finalizing our cocktail. We are pretty sure nobody noticed…

Every thing we had was superb but let's bring you up to speed on some of the high points. The orzo salad from Georgie was unreal… it had all the flavors of a traditional pasta salad with a lighter, elegant feel. The hummus from Foxtrot went equally fast. This stuff was a lot better than your Sabra tub from Kroger, trust us. Brian's favorite was the bacon quiche from Georgie doused in their house made hot sauce and Michal's was that glorious orzo salad.

We can't praise both Georgie and Foxtrot enough for their food quality, customer service, and the over all shopping experience. If you are ever feeling like taking a breaking the norm, we suggest doing some similar. It was a good change and we can't recommend these two places enough. Happy to have found some gems in our city that we can't wait to have again.

P.S. We took this opportunity to record some amazing memories in our The Dallas Weekender Guided Travel Journal! Please check them out! We love them and think you will too!

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