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Mia's Tex-Mex: Old School, Iconic, Dallas Institution - Serving up Margs by the gallon

Updated: May 9, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to take the time to review some of best restaurants in our neighborhood that are opting to remain open by serving amazing food to-go and via delivery. Our hope is that, like us, at least one day a week you can help support one of these much deserving restaurants. If any restaurants have to close to their doors due to the mandatory closures, everybody loses: the employees, the owners, the patrons and the neighborhoods in which they serve.

Ask any old timer from Dallas about their favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in town they will most likely give you a definitive answer of a place you’ve never heard of down some side street in a sketchy neighborhood; then they will rattle off a couple of iconic locations that will never ever disappoint and Mia's (and E-Bar - see previous post) will be at the top of that list every time.

Mia's is a Dallas institution; even calling it a Dallas legend would not be too much of a stretch, with a history tied to Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson to boot (don't believe me? Google it). Mia's has excellent food, a fun classic environment, strong drinks and brisket on everything.

Michal, having never tried this iconic restaurant, suggested giving it's to-go service a try this past Saturday night for dinner. We ordered some brisket nachos and beef enchiladas with a half gallon jug of Frozen Margaritas.

They did not disappoint. Michal agreed that it was lived up to the hype and quickly added it to her list of favorite Tex-Mex restaurants in town. This old school classic wins again!

Well, if you consider yourself a regular or have never been, now is the time to order some awesome food and drinks to go. We promise you will not regret it. #WKNDR

WKNDR PRO TIP: Like frozen margaritas at home but too lazy to fire up the blender? We’ve got your back. This one comes from Brian's Mom and some south Louisiana know how, where getting drinks to go by the gallon is not something new but something to live by. When getting frozen drinks to go grab a gallon or two and a sealable plastic bucket; once home, dump them in the bucket and put them in the freezer. They will keep the same consistency as when you got them (alcohol won't freeze) and you can ice cream scoop them out into your favorite schooner at a moments notice. My family still does this which makes holidays a hoot. Enjoy!

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