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Kroger - Haskell and 75

Recently it was suggested to us to start giving brief reviews of the grocery stores in our area to help our readers decide where best to go to shopping. So we will keep these brief and to the point. Please let us know your thoughts and tell us where to go next!

Kroger Fresh Fare

4241 Capitol Ave

Dallas, TX 75204


Roughly 90% of all shoppers wear mask. All staff wears masks.

There is a dedicated staff member to sanitize carts and baskets at the front door, so you can be sure to get a clean one.

Have a steady supply of groceries, with some noticeable decrease in stock of some items, but no 100% outages.

There are limitations to certain of items you can buy, but they don't seem overwhelming or hard to abide by.

Numerous self check out options make getting out easy. Each self check out area has a dedicated person cleaning the checkout counters for each use.

No reduced hours related to pandemic.


Parking at this place can be a nightmare even when it isn’t a pandemic… so now, it's worse. Plan on driving around the lot a while before you get a spot.

Try to avoid weekends at all costs, the store is overly crowded.

Kroger no longer pays it's employees hazard pay for working (even though it was only 2 dollars more an hour)

Hard to social distance in the produce sections. Always extremely crowded.

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