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Dahlia Bar & Bistro - The New Place To Be

One of the things that Michal and I work hard at is keeping our relationship fresh. One of the best ways for us to do that is to continue to go on dates. We love trying to find new and different places that continue to provide us with fun and interesting experiences in our own town. In saying that, when a posh, super hip restaurant takes over one of your former mainstays a couple of blocks away from your house, you don't hesitate to set up a date night and go check it out.

When Dahlia opened up in the former Ross & Hall space (at the corner of Ross and Hall) and a former employee told us to come on in, we didn't hesitate in.

Walking in the first thing that catches your attention is the stunning floral piece hanging from the center of the bar. Stunning pops of orange, pink and white dangle from the ceiling.

The Dallas Weekender enjoys Dahlia Bar and Bistro on Ross Ave.
Dahlia Bar and Bistro

Looking straight back at what used to be a standard cluster of low tops has been transformed into a trendy lounge area. Highlighted with round mirrors, it makes for a beautiful, uncrowded cocktail area. Don’t worry, they still have TVs so you can still catch sports…but they aren’t the focal point any longer. What struck us was the elegant décor and shift from sports bar to chic restaurant as we took a seat in an extra plush booth along the right wall.

Once seated, we were asked to use a QR code to pull up the menu, which is common now with Covid 19. The menu had so many options I couldn't decide. Our lovely waitress (Shelby) said the lamb was her favorite so I caved and ordered that. Michal ordered the flatbread. However before our main course we had their charcuterie board which included fruit in addition to the usual meats, cheeses and crackers.

The food at Dahlia Bar and Bistro
Dahlia Bar and Bistro Charcuterie Board and Whipped Feta Dip

I thought with so much fruit it would be a great dessert board. Our other appetizer was whipped feta dip with crostinis. Though previously served cold we were told that they were trying it out served warm. We could not recommend this more-the honey drizzled on top of the cheese, smeared on the bread was a perfect mix. It was one of our favorite dishes of the night.

Finally, after a glass of sparkling rose and an Easy Peasy IPA, our meals arrived. The lamb was perfectly tender with a char that tasted almost smoky. The chevre polenta the lamb was served over was smooth and a perfect combination. Michal's flatbread was more doughy than your typical flatbread that is thin and crispy. She’s a big crust fan and noted this was more like a regular pizza and loved it. The red sauce had a great spice too it. It was a great meal and a perfect date. We shared an order of truffle frites with our entrees too and they were thin, salty and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside; the perfect fry to us.

Our only complaint was that the dessert menu hadn't been released yet but were assured that it would be out soon and honestly I don’t think we could have crammed any more food into our stomachs. I can't imagine they would have a grand opening without a dessert menu (it is this Thursday night). If you are looking to treat you and your significant other on a wonderful date night this would be a perfect choice and we couldn't recommend it more. Oh, and when you walk in, see if you can get a table in Shelby's section. Her personality and service is the cherry on top of an excellent night out.

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