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A New Light on McKinney Avenue - Gaslight

Updated: May 9, 2020

A short walk from home, Michal and I set out late one Monday afternoon to check out one of the newest entrants into uptown, 'Gaslight'. Formerly East Woods, then prior to that, some other establishment by another name, and prior to that… you get the point. Can someone finally take over this space and become a new classic mainstay to the uptown neighborhood? We certainly hope so.

After working up a mild sweat walking to the space, we were pleasantly surprised by the warm inviting wooden floors, the comfy looking couch in the corner (which we swear we've seen in the space before) and a very welcoming bar staff that quickly offered us a place to sit.

Downed the first beverage to cool off and we started surveying the menu. It was quite expansive… so much so, we wondered how a space this small could pull off this entire menu. When we commented on it, our bar tender Nelfi (totally awesome dude) informed us that they were actually in the progress of shortening it to better fit their crowed. Smart move!

Michal and I started with the Olive Tapenade Hummus which was great. The olives don't overpower the dish at all, but provide a much needed acidity that too many bar top hummus' lack. Served with warm pitta bread; fresh cucumbers and carrots, the hummus is a welcomed standard that we can't recommend enough.

The Dallas Weekender has Hummus at gaslight in uptown, Dallas, Tx
Gaslight, Uptown

Next we asked for two orders of wings: the blazin' buffalo and the Jamaican Dry Rub. The wings come out jointed-with the drummlets and flappers not separated- and were surprisingly hearty. The buffalo is pretty standard, but very good and the Jamaican spice is a little cooler on the mouth than your traditional jerk. The wings were very well cooked and we devoured them.

The menu as it stands offered so many inviting dishes that frankly, beg for a second trip. The Spaghetti Squash Bowl, 12 oz Ribeye, and Tochos all called our names and then we saw the pizza and it looked fantastic!

All in all, it was a great date for us recapping our weekend and prepping for our next trip out of Dallas.

If you are looking for a great evening out in uptown, with good food and solid drinks we cannot recommend Gaslight enough. We truly hope that it can hold it's own on McKinney Avenue and bring some much needed life back to this once rocking strip of bars.

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